Slot Overview: Wild Hogs from Hell

You’ve probably seen the three tiny pigs build houses out of various materials, but this is probably the first time you’ve seen a trio of pigs riding bicycles in a slot machine. Bicycles, to be more specific, and the ‘Hell’s Hogs’ moniker is a reference to motorcycle clubs like the Hell’s Angels and enthusiast groups like the Harley Owners Group (HOG). The online slot Hell’s Hogs, developed by Reflex Gaming in collaboration with Yggdrasil, follows the adventures of three pigs named Smokey, Streaky, and The Stud as they travel across Highway 240 in post-war 1948 America on their motorcycles.

We were initially drawn to Hell’s Hogs because of its catchy soundtrack. The upbeat song made me think of long motorcycle rides with the windows down and the wind in my hair, followed by a stop at a roadside cafe and then more open roadway. The graphics of Hell’s Hogs aren’t too terrible, presenting instead a desert road dotted with cacti and broken pavement, however they don’t do the song justice. Although the user interface is about as dated as it gets, the game’s audio and visuals are above average for a slot machine developed by Reflex Gaming.

According to Hell’s Hog’s theoretical calculations, the ride is more like a smooth cruise than a wild one. This is in part because of the game’s low volatility and high hit frequency (27.39%), which equates to slightly more than one winning spin for every four played. The action takes place on a 5×3 grid with 20 paylines, and the RTP is 95.6%. All devices are supported, and bets range from 20 percent to 100 pounds or euros.

When we check out the payout schedule, things become a little bright. It has the four low-paying suit symbols (clubs, spades, hearts, and diamonds), with payouts of between five and eight times the initial wager for a full house. The next most valuable symbols are a line of five wheels, jukeboxes, or the game’s logo, which pays 10–25 times the wager. Except for the highest paying symbol, which only requires two of a kind to make a winning line, all other symbols require at least three of a kind. When a wild appears on the reels, it can replace any other icon save the bonus icon.

Pigs in Hell – Slot Machine Options

There are three different bonus levels, just like there are three pigs throughout the game. These include Piggy in the Middle, Biker Bash, and Wild Ride, and the main game also has a Mystery Chop Shop Symbol feature.

Signs of the Butchery

These icons appear in the main game at random. When they all open, they reveal the identical matching pay sign.

The Middle Pig

This bonus round is activated by getting 3, 4, or 5 Piggy in the Middle symbols in a single spin. Three pigs riding motorcycles appear on the screen, with different values or modifiers displayed on each. Players can claim whichever reward or modifier is now highlighted by pressing the stop button at the game’s bottom. A red X will appear in place of a prize if the player presses the stop button.

Reveille of the Motorcyclists

If you get at least three Biker Bash symbols, you’ll activate the bonus round and receive 10 free games. The initial win multiplier is x1, and it grows by one after each spin. This can be activated repeatedly, up to a maximum of 30x.

Extreme Ride

If you get three of the Wild Ride bonus symbols anywhere on the reels, you’ll be rewarded with five free spins and a random number of super wild symbols that can cover a whole reel. The middle three reels feature one super wild on the first two spins, two on the third and fourth, and three on the final spin.

Pigs in Hell: The Slots Judgement

Hell’s Hogs felt like one of Reflex Gaming’s better slots, but maybe we were just in a good mood when we reviewed it. That’s not really a major accomplishment, given that their past games we’ve encountered haven’t exactly been world beaters. Considering their shaky past, we loaded up Hell’s Hogs and hit the road with low expectations. The music and imagery reminded us of ELK’s Route 777, and we were in a good frame of mind to try out the rest of Hell’s Hogs.

One or more of Reflex Gaming’s games usually include a few glaring inconsistencies. There’s a hiccup in the calculations, the features don’t add up, or the presentation is just plain off. Even if Hell’s Hog represented an improvement, it was not immune to this phenomenon. While it’s wonderful to have three additional games (at least from a quantitative one), none of them really push the envelope in terms of creativity. Wild Ride includes full reel wilds, which, granted, may get interesting on the last spin, and Biker Bash has an increasing multiplier, so it’s much the same old thing, but Piggy in the Middle was kind of like a fun whack a mole game. Even while each bonus round has the potential to thrill under the correct conditions, there is nothing truly unforgettable about them once the theme is removed. Another mystery was the maximum payoff, which was advertised as being 10,136 times the initial wager. However, the highest payout shown in the paytable is 6,690 times the player’s wager. It doesn’t exactly inspire confidence, and I have no idea why there are contradictory assertions.

Let’s sum up by stating that, for a Reflex Gaming release, Hell’s Hogs wasn’t half awful, and it seems like more effort was put into it than usual. Nonetheless, the dull mathematical approach, the rather generic design, and the inconsistent success rates give the overall impression of putting lipstick on a pig.

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