The World’s Most Legendary Poker Feuds

In the event that you love online poker or playing face to face at land-based club, you’ll know exactly how serious – and every so often hazardous – this distraction can get! Obviously, the game has delivered its reasonable part of fights throughout the years between poker stars, beginners and even superstars.

We’re featuring a couple of the most unmistakable poker-related competitions ever, from way, harking back to the 1800s directly through to present day times.

‘Wild Bill’ Hickok versus Jack McCall

What is ostensibly the most notable poker fight ever returns us to 1876 while the betting contention between “Old West” society legend James Butler Hickok (nicknamed “Wild Bill” because of his defiant endeavors) and inebriated bison tracker Jack McCall reached a critical stage. Hickok delighted in playing poker consistently, typically at the No.10 Saloon in Deadwood, South Dakota.

The evening of August 1 of that very year, he was doing only that when McCall joined the poker game yet continued to experience an especially pitiless long string of failures. Feeling frustrated about the inebriated player, Hickok offered McCall a few cash and sound guidance… as per avoiding the poker table until he was in a superior position intellectually and monetarily. McCall, profoundly annoyed by Hickok’s words, took the cash and left.

The following night, Hickok was in one more round of poker when McCall staggered shakily through the entryway and shot him toward the rear of the head. The fight and murder are incredible for two reasons. To start with, Hickok had likewise shot and killed one more poker player who owed him cash in the wake of losing a game simply a year earlier and, furthermore, in light of the fact that Hickok generally sat down in the corner to verify no one could get the better of him in the manner that McCall did that evening.

Did you be aware? This specific poker quarrel is so well known, there’s even a hand named after it: Dead Man’s Hand. Two dark pros and two dark eights, the hand Hickok was holding at the exact second when he was shot and killed.

50 Cent versus Randall Emmett

Creating some distance from the nineteenth hundred years back to current times, the accompanying story unwinds a poker fight that overwhelmed online entertainment in 2019. The betting contention being referred to occurred after a poker meeting between rap music legend 50 Cent and film maker Randall Emmett.

Emmett hit a quite terrible long string of failures and couldn’t pay the cash owed to 50 Cent right away. This brought about the rapper taking to Instagram to humiliate Emmett and “drive” him to settle up, making the now scandalous hashtag #MoneyByMonday.

Alongside mercilessly disparaging Emmett, 50 Cent additionally went after the film maker’s then-life partner and presently ex, Lala Kent. The warmed trade caused Emmett such an excess of stress that he ended up in the trauma center with chest torments. Fortunately, he figured out how to source the money and paid his poker “pal” on schedule, stopping the web-based entertainment adventure for good.

Daniel Negreanu versus Annie Duke

On the off chance that you love online poker competitions, you’ll most likely have caught wind of the quarrel between live poker and online poker geniuses Daniel Negreanu (who likewise had a well established fight with poker star Doug “WCGRider” Polk) and Annie Duke.

The quarrel started quite a long time back when Negreanu expounded all on his grumbles toward a (then, at that point, anonymous) female poker player on different poker gatherings. Duke’s sibling, Howard Lederer, another betting ace, immediately hit on an obvious conclusion and acknowledged Negreanu was coordinating abuses at his sister. He wrote an open letter to Negreanu expressing the justifications for why he accepted Negreanu’s way of behaving was unsuitable and causing specific to notice the manner in which he alluded to Duke as “Annie Puke.” Negreanu immediately shot back with insights about the frightful insults made by Duke during their live poker competitions. Evidently, Duke nicknamed Negreanu “cup kid” regarding him continuously having a polystyrene cup of water close to him while playing.

Shockingly, Negreanu and Duke have kept playing together throughout the long term, albeit the continuous trades between them have exhibited that the ill will is still a lot of perfectly healthy. For instance, Duke alluded to Negreanu as her “online domineering jerk” in her book, Annie Duke: How I Raised, Folded, Bluffed, Flirted, Cursed, and Won Millions at the World Series of Poker, while Negreanu delivered a web-based rundown of scrutinizes of Duke’s Epic Poker League. Hopefully both of them can at last settle their fight not long from now!

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